#KELTChat Poll: 28th September 2013

Hello #KELTChatters!

After a short break for the Chuseok holiday, KELTChat will be back on Sunday at 8pm.

As usual, we’d like you to help us choose a topic. Please have a look at the topics below and vote for your favorite, or add your own suggestion. We will discuss the most popular option during the chat.

See you there!


Edit: In the comments below there was a request for some clarification of the term “pedagogic grammar”. To me that would mean the kind of grammar that we would want to teach in a classroom, the decisions we might make as to what is suitable, and how we would go about teaching it. (Other definitions may well be more accurate).

#KELTChat Poll: 10th September 2013

Welcome back #KELTChatters!

Our fortnightly Twitter discussions kick off again next week on Tuesday at 9pm.

As usual, we’d like you to help us choose a topic. Please have a look at the topics below and vote for your favorite. We will discuss the most popular option during the chat.

See you there!


#KELTChat Poll for 2nd June 2013

Hey team,

Thank you very much for the ideas you put in for the #KELTChat poll this week. We have selected four options for you to choose from, so please vote, and then joing us for the chat on Sunday at 8pm.

Note: the fourth option refers to the list of macrostrategies in Kumaravadivelu’s book, Beyond Methods. The two strategies up for discussion are copied below. If you want to read a sizeable chunk of the book for free, it can be downloaded from here.

• Maximize learning opportunities: This macrostrategy envisages teaching as a process of creating and utilizing learning opportunities, a process in which teachers strike a balance between their role as managers of teaching acts and their role as mediators of
learning acts;

• Foster language awareness: This macrostrategy refers to any attempt to draw learners’ attention to the formal and functional properties of their L2 in order to increase the degree of explicitness required to promote L2 learning.

#KELTchat poll for April 28th, 2013

It’s that time again, fellow #KELTchatters!

We’d welcome your input for the topic for Sunday’s chat. There are five to choose from, and on Sunday we’ll discuss the topic that gathers most votes by Thursday night. If you’d like further info, or have suggestions about the topics, try asking us on the Facebook group. If you have a topic that you’d like to cover in future #keltchats, just type it in the box and we’ll add it to the next poll.

Happy voting!

PS If you’re wondering what teaching competitions and “lesson polishing” are, you might want to read this and this.


#KELTchat poll for April 14th, 2013

It’s that time again, fellow #KELTchatters!

We welcome you to participate in choosing a topic YOU would like to chat about this coming Sunday. In our last chat we discussed tech tools we should use in the EFL classroom, and there was something new for everyone.

We’d love your help in creating another positive chat experience this coming Sunday, so please vote for your favorite topic by clicking below* and then join us for the chat at 8pm KST**! Check back here for a preview before the chat starts!

Happy voting!

*KELTchat values your ideas, so we have made a small change: you can add your own topic to the poll if you have an idea. Even if it doesn’t collect the most votes this time, it may appear on future polls.


**This coming chat will take place at 8pm KST as usual. However, for future chats we would love your feedback. Would you like to chat at 8pm or 9pm? Click to vote!

#KELTchat Poll for March 31, 2013

Hello #KELTchatters and friends,

Our last chat on experiments us all thinking about what else we can try in our classrooms. If you feel stuck in a rut and need a little inspiration, check out last week’s freshly published summary to see what changes you might be interested in making.

We’re back for a chat on Sunday at 8pm and we would love to know what you’d like to talk about! Please click on your favorite choice below to vote. You’ll then see a handy preview pop up on Twitter and Facebook closer to the time of the chat.

Thanks for voting!

#KELTchat Poll for 9 December, 2012

Greetings #KELTchatters and friends,

Last November’s chat on Task-based Learning provoked a lot of discussion – read Mr. Pfordresher’s summary here. This week we’re back on Sunday at 8pm and we would love your input on the topic! Click below to vote and help us select the topic democratically. Then keep an eye out for a preview before the chat begins. We look forward to hearing from you all.

Vote early and vote…. ahem… Please vote!

#KELTChat Poll for 25th November 2012

Hi everyone,

Having dealt with L2 output in the classroom last time (read Anne’s excellent summary here), #KELTChat returns at 8pm this coming Sunday and as usual the topic is up for grabs. I hope you know the drill by now – click the one you like best in the poll below, and sometime on Friday afternoon/evening we will check the results and write up a preview of the winning topic, and then discuss it on Sunday evening.

Happy voting!

#KELTchat poll for 11th November 2012

Hi all,

This weekend #KELTChat returns again, following last time’s discussion of the Lexical Approach with our first ever guest moderator! You can read the summary of it here.

This time we have three new topics for you to choose from below. As usual, simply vote for the one that you would like to chat about on Sunday. We will announce the winning topic tomorrow evening.


Alex G (@breathyvowel)