#KELTChat Poll for 2nd June 2013

Hey team,

Thank you very much for the ideas you put in for the #KELTChat poll this week. We have selected four options for you to choose from, so please vote, and then joing us for the chat on Sunday at 8pm.

Note: the fourth option refers to the list of macrostrategies in Kumaravadivelu’s book, Beyond Methods. The two strategies up for discussion are copied below. If you want to read a sizeable chunk of the book for free, it can be downloaded from here.

• Maximize learning opportunities: This macrostrategy envisages teaching as a process of creating and utilizing learning opportunities, a process in which teachers strike a balance between their role as managers of teaching acts and their role as mediators of
learning acts;

• Foster language awareness: This macrostrategy refers to any attempt to draw learners’ attention to the formal and functional properties of their L2 in order to increase the degree of explicitness required to promote L2 learning.

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