#KELTChat Poll for 17th June 2012

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Alex G (@breathyvowel)

#KELTChat 3rd June 2012, 8pm: Authentic Materials – What’s the big deal?

This question was posed by Michael Griffin (@michaelegriffin) at the end of a chat five weeks ago now, and squeezed its way into being this week’s chat topic by just one vote. It’s certainly a good question too, and one that I think is under-debated in Korea, where many contexts use pre-prepared, ‘inauthentic’ materials (not that is a a bad thing, necessarily).

Some reflective questions for this week’s chat to get those brain juices flowing:

  • What makes materials authentic?
  • Why should we use them?
  • Where can we get them from?
  • Are they better than ‘inauthentic’ materials?
  • Who chooses authentic materials?
  • What benefits do authentic or ‘inauthentic’ materials have for our students?
  • How do classroom tasks vary with different materials?

If you’d like to do some advance reading, one person who seems to be fairly anti authentic materials is Hugh Dellar, have a look at his blog post here:


And perhaps a more positive angle comes from Ashley Green:


Which one do you agree with? Tell us on Sunday at 8pm.

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Alex (@breathyvowel)