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Welcome to the #KELTChat blog! Below you’ll find out a bit more about who we are, why we exist, what we do, and how you can get involved. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, no problem. We’re here to help.   

Who and where is #KELTchat?

#KELTchat came into existence at the beginning of 2012, when a few teachers in Korea wondered (tweeted) if there was a Korean had an equivalent to the weekly international twitter chats happening via #ELTchat. It seemed there wasn’t and so the KELTchat (Korea English Language Teaching Chat) hashtag was born. It was created with two purposes in mind. First, it was to give English teachers a space on Twitter in which to share resources, advice and news related to the Korean context. If you have something that you ELT professionals in this country need to see or hear, tweet it with the hashtag so we can all share in it.

The second purpose was to facilitate a regular Twitter chat for English teachers in Korea on a particular subject where teachers can share ideas, experiences, questions, and yes, a little humour. :) If you can’t make it to a chat, all our chats are summarized on this blog with the intention of creating a rich resource for teachers.

While these are still #KELTchat’s main goals, our community sharing has expanded beyond Twitter onto Facebook.  The nature of Facebook gives #KELTchat participants more space to share (more than Twitter’s 140 characters) and tends to organize conversations in a more user-friendly fashion. Many #KELTchat Facebook members don’t participate in the Twitter chats, and that’s okay. Share and discuss when and where you can. If this sounds appealing, please join our #KELTchat Facebook group.

How can you use #KELTchat on Twitter?

Our inspiring and supportive friends at #AusELT (a fantastic community of teachers from all over Australia) has created this How-to Page that will guide you from your first tweet ever, to becoming a participant in a chat. To join a chat, make sure to be online at the designated time, and make room for the KELTchat hashtag “#KELTchat”, at the end of your 140 characters.

When are the Twitter chats?

The schedule tends to vary a bit. The best way to to check is on Facebook or Twitter or the calendar on the right side of this page.

We are always looking for volunteers to mediate a chat, and write previews and summaries. If you’re interested, please let us know. We’re here to help you in any way we can.

Thank you very much for reading, and hope to see you on Twitter, Facebook, or maybe even at a conference! Please leave us a comment or tweet anyone from the #KELTchat team below if you have questions.

Alex Grevett (@breathyvowel), Michael Griffin (@michaelegriffin), Anne Hendler (@AnneHendler), Bryan Hale (@bryanteacher), and Tim Hampson @timhampson.


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