#KELTChat Preview: Automaticity & Fluency – Sunday 23rd September, 8pm

Hi everyone,

There’s no poll this week because the last one ended in a tie between NEAT (if you missed it check out @alexswalsh ‘s summary) and Automaticity and Fluency. We took the decision to do NEAT that week, and tackle Automaticity and Fluency this.

Personally, I think that fluency is an often ignored concept in Korea. We’re all aware of  standardized tests which require such a breadth of knowledge that any time available is spent cramming in new information, rather than working on improving what students already know. Sometimes just the pressure of trying to cover a curriculum, or even just not wanting to bore students with too much repetition causes us to neglect it.

During the chat, we hope to explore how to foster automaticity and fluency in our students; how to do it, when to do it, and how to make time for it in class. We’ll also look at what constitutes a fluent speaker. We also hope that people will share any fluency building tips or activities, and there may also be space to explore the role of related areas such as error correction and accuracy.

If you want a little pre-chat reading, you could do much worse than scan this piece by Scott Thornbury and the ensuing discussion in the comments.

If you’re new to Twitter chatting and aren’t sure quite how it works, check out this handy guide. If you have no idea what #KELTChat is, have a look here or here. You can also contact us through Twitter (@breathyvowel, @JosetteLB, @michaelegriffin, @alexswalsh, @annehendler) or on our Facebook page.


Alex (@breathyvowel)

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