#KELTChat 13th May 2012, 8pm: Superstar Activities: Activities that rock your classroom

For those of you who can read it (sorry, the image came out rather small and I’m in a hurry), the most popular topic on this week’s #KELTChat poll was “Superstar Activities: Activities that rock your classroom” as suggested by @seouldaddy in our chat two weeks ago.

This is a chat that I’m personally very much looking forward to. I think it’s a great opportunity for all of us to add to our “teacher toolkits”, and find some new activities to boost flagging midterm morale.

During the chat we hope to discover some of what makes an activity “great”, especially for the Korean context, and why some activities simply don’t work. For the most part though, this is a great chance to share the what and how of some of your positive teaching experiences. I look forward to hearing all about yours on Sunday at 8pm.

If you’re new to Twitter chatting and aren’t sure quite how it works, check out this handy guide. If you have no idea what #KELTChat is, have a look here or here.

Alex (@breathyvowel)

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