Introducing #KELTchat Slowburn (Tuesday 5th November, 10am (GMT +9)

Hi everyone.

We at #keltchat towers (think big, ivory, gold) have been doing some thinking recently. We’ve been wondering how well the one hour chats work, and trying to find a time that suits everyone including us. The result is a new, experimental approach, somewhere between a short chat and a discussion group. We’re calling it #keltchat slowburn.

The idea is very similar to the original chats. We will set a topic (see below) and encourage people to tweet their thoughts about it using the #keltchat hashtag. This time, however, the chat will take place over 12 hours rather than one, allowing people to dip in and out, think and the discussion to diverge in more interesting ways. We also hope that this will allow more people in Korea to play a part, as well as taking in most other time zones.

We’re going to trial this approach on Tuesday 5th November, starting at 10am Korea time (GMT +9) and finish at 10pm.

The topic this week is also a little different. We’re presenting a situation and asking you how you would respond. The situation is as follows:

You have recently taken over a class of students who are low level but being forced to work with intermediate materials. You have a difficult relationship with the class due to previous classroom management techniques like rearranging seating, and your colleagues report similar problems. Two questions:

1) What would you do about the materials?
2) How would you try to repair your relationship with the class?

We’re hoping for a lot of interesting ideas here on managing ‘challenging’ classes and helping students who are put in the wrong level. Any thoughts are very much welcomed, whether you participate in the chat for one tweet or twelve hours (though we don’t recommend that you do all twelve hours for the sake of you and your loved ones’ sanity).

If this sounds like your kind of thing, but you’re not really sure how to go about it, click the “about and how” tab above for a link to a handy guide. Friendly advice is also always available at the #keltchat facebook group, or in the comments section below.

We hope you’ll enjoy #keltchat slowburn. See you all on Tuesday.

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