Some help for participating in #KELTChat Slowburn™

This is a very short post with some information on how to take part in #KELTChat Slowburn. This is our new approach to Twitter chats, over a longer period of 12 hours. Here are some tips that may help you.

– We will be using the regular #keltchat hashtag for the chat. If you don’t already monitor it, go to the Twitter page and search for “#keltchat”. Alternatively, go to and enter “#keltchat”. You will now be able to see everyone’s tweets.

– We will post the topic at the start of the chat and at regular intervals throughout the day. When you join the chat, scroll down and find the topic, or ask someone what we’re discussing.

– Remember to tag your tweets with #keltchat. That’s the only way to guarantee that participants will see them. Where possible, moderators will try to retweet hashtagless tweets, but due to the longer form we can’t promise to catch everything.

– If you need help at any time, the #keltchat team will be around. Just send a tweet to @breathyvowel, @michaelegriffin, @alexswalsh, @annehendler or @johnpfordresher.


2 thoughts on “Some help for participating in #KELTChat Slowburn™

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