Candid Lesson Planning: A Very Special #KELTchat Slowburn. Tuesday 2014.10.14, 10am – 10pm Seoul time.

How do you really plan lessons? This question and others will be discussed in the next #KELTchat Twitter chat on Tuesday 2014.10.14, from 10 am to 10 pm Seoul time.

This is a special Slowburn because the final hour will find us LIVE on ELT Live in a Google Hangout hosted by Jeff Lebow of WorldBridges.

Candid lesson plan CHALLENGE!
For this chat we have a (totally optional) challenge to get you started whenever you arrive from 10 am to 10 pm.
If you can, share a picture of a real lesson plan, or of your real planning process. We want to peek inside your notebook/computer/brain!
Why is this how you plan? How often do you do it? How long do you spend?
Why is planning this way useful for you?

In addition to the challenge, please feel free to add your own questions and issues with planning and prep.

Some other questions to consider might be:

  • Are there any limitations about your planning you’ve been thinking about?
  • Is there anything you’re thinking about trying out regarding planning?
  • How is you planning similar and different than when you first starting teaching?
  • Who sees your plans?
  • What is an essential aspect of your plans or something you need to do?
  • What is your favourite part of lesson prep? Least favourite?
  • How/when/why do you throw away your plans during teaching?
  • Do you keep plans? Do you come back to them later? Why?
  • What sites, ideas and resources are helpful for you as related to lesson prep?
  • Have you heard any good quotes that can be related to lesson prep?
  • What aspects of preparing for classes take the longest for you? Do you have strategies for streamlining the preparation process?

2 thoughts on “Candid Lesson Planning: A Very Special #KELTchat Slowburn. Tuesday 2014.10.14, 10am – 10pm Seoul time.

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