#KELTchat Slowburn: My #YoungerTeacherSelf. 28th April 2015, 11am–7pm (KST)

This Tuesday, we have another #KELTchat slowburn. Join us from 11am–7pm (KST)—find out what time that is in your part of the world here—to discuss what advice you would like to give yourself (if you could) and how your teaching career has developed over the years (or months).

The title of this #KELTchat is my #YoungerTeacherSelf, which is inspired by Joanna Malefaki’s post from March. In her post, Joanna wondered what advice she’d like to give her 20-something self about teaching. Her post inspired several other bloggers to think about what advice they’d like to give themselves (links below), and got us thinking that it must be a pretty popular topic.


As always, the chat can take several directions, and we encourage you to come and participate with any advice that you’d like to give your younger self. To get you started, here are a few questions you might like to consider?

  • What three things would you like to tell yourself when you were just starting out teaching?
  • Think of a moment in class that didn’t go as planned. How did you react then. How would you react now?
  • Can you remember the first class you ever taught?
  • What made you want to get into teaching? How did you feel during your first week? month?
  • If you could go back and change one thing? Would you? What would you change?
  • What’s the biggest regret you have as a teacher?
  • What’s the biggest achievement you have as a teacher?
  • How has your opinion of teaching ‘approaches’, ‘methods’ changed over time?
  • Do you have a cringeworthy moment from your early days teaching that you just cannot forget?

If you can think of any other questions suitable for the topic, please leave a comment below, and we’ll be sure to add them here.


In addition to the questions, you may like to try the following task before or during the chat:

  • Read one (or more) of the posts that you haven’t read yet and share a tidbit that speaks to you.


Joanna has shared links to all of the other bloggers’ posts on her post, which if you haven’t read yet, I highly recommend you go and do. Here are the links from Joanna’s post:

Hana Ticha, Marjorie RosenbergTheodora PapapanagiotouChristina Chorianopoulou, Sylvia Guinan, Sandy Millin, Angelos Bollas, Zhenya Polosatova, Fiona, Phil Wade, Mike Griffin, Sophia Khan, David Petrie, Ageliki Asteri, T. Veigga, Clare

We hope to see you at the #KELTchat this Tuesday, and don’t forget, the beauty of the slowburn is that you can dip in and out at your leisure.