#KELTChat Preview: 23rd December 2012

Hi team,

It’s almost Christmas, and for most of us the semester has already finished, or is just about to, and we will be jetting off to somewhere sunnier and beachier to escape the sub-zero temperatures (unless you’re me, and then you’ll be staying here to teach winter camp ㅠㅠ). At #KELTChat Towers, we thought we would do this Sunday’s #KELTChat and then take a break ourselves until the next semester. This means that Sunday will be the final #KELTChat until early March 2013.

For a final topic, we thought that giving people a chance to reflect on the year past, and look forward to the coming one, might be good fun. Therefore we’d ask you to bring some of your reflections on the good and bad from this year to share with us on Sunday. You might want to think about:

  • Your best moments from this year (and why they happened).
  • Your worst moments from this year (and why they happened, if you want to share this).
  • The most important thing that you learned this year.
  • Your funniest moment from this year.
  • Your best professional development experience of the year.
  • One thing that you want to try to do or change next year.
  • One question you would like answered next year.

This will also be a good chance to say some goodbyes to people who you have met through #KELTChat this year. #KELTChat is a community whose sense of inquisitiveness, exploration and fun owes everything to its members, and for the team here it’s been an amazing experience getting to know you all over this year. If you’re around on Sunday, we will be able to tweet you our heartfelt thanks in (virtual) person. If you’re not, we wish you a happy holidays, and very much hope that you’ll join us in making #KELTChat even better in 2013!


Alex G (@breathyvowel), Alex W (@alexswalsh), Anne (@annehendler), John (@johnpfordresher), Josette (@JosetteLB), Mike (@michaelegriffin)