#KELTChat Preview: Task Based Learning in Korea – Sunday 25th November, 8pm

Hi everyone,


This weeks poll resulted in a crushing victory for the topic of task-based learning. This is not entirely a surprise given that there has been some chat surrounding this on our Facebook group recently.


For those of you who are new to the concept of task-based learning, here’s a Wikilink which outlines some of the definitions and issues. If you want to dig a little bit deeper, I would suggest these two articles which examine the concept of a task, and the influence that TBL has had on ELT publishing. Finally, should you wish to go the whole hog, here’s Dr. Andrew Finch’s evaluation of the task based learning program that was designed and implemented (and afaik is still being used) at Andong university.

Things to think about

This being #KELTChat, we’re happy for the discussion to take whatever form that it may. However, here are some things might come up in the chat if you wish to do some thinking beforehand.

  • Have you ever tried TBL? Was it successful? Why?
  • Why isn’t TBL more popular in Korea, especially in universities?
  • What are some of the barriers to implementing TBL?
  • If TBL’s focus is on task completion, how do we evaluate it?
  • How can teachers design their own tasks effectively?
  • What is the role of the teacher during the task?
  • How might we get administrations to be more accepting of TBL?

If you have any other questions, opinions or musings outside of these areas, please do feel free to mention them in the chat. I hope to see you all on Sunday at 8pm.

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Alex G (@breathyvowel)