Photo Post: KELTchat at the KOTESOL International Conference

– Pictures of the KELTchat presentation at the October 2012, KOTESOL International Conference, Sookmyung University, Seoul, South Korea –

To read more about KELTchat and the aftermath of the conference, check out Alex Grevett‘s article, What is KELTchat? (p.28), in KOTESOL’s The English Connection.

The following photos were taken by John Steele. Check out his fantastic photography at John Steele Photo.

And these were taken from an iPhone. Tweeting may have been involved.

Thanks @michaelegriffin for the abstract below. I’ll take credit for that snazzy title. ;)

#KELTchat: Professional Development  at Your Fingertips

In this session we will be sharing our experiences and thoughts on the formation, continuation, practices, and future of the #KELTchat group on Twitter. At this point, #KELTchat is basically four different but interconnected things. First, #KELTchat is a bi-monthly moderated chat on Twitter where educators from around Korea and the globe “meet” to discuss topics of interest to teachers in Korea as we draw on the thoughts and experiences of participants. Secondly, #KELTchat is a twitter hashtag so that educators in Korea can keep track of links, questions and ideas relevant to the teaching community in Korea. Third, #KELTchat is a blog that features summaries of the chats and acts as a resource. Finally, #KELTchat is a loose collective of individuals seeking to improve and understand their own teaching practices defined by curiosity, open-mindedness, a desire to help others greater awareness of our own teaching practices that makes up a supportive and dynamic community. Audience members can expect to hear about the community and perhaps decide if and how they might like to participate.