#KELTChat 8th December 2013, 8pm.

Hi team!

Some important #KELTChat related dates for you all. As usual, #KELTChat will be retiring to a Balinese beach to get sunburn and sip pina coladas for the winter.  Thus, this Sunday, the 8th of December, will be our final one hour chat of 2013. Following that, we’ll have a final Slowburn on the 17th December, before we pack our little suitcases and see you all again in early March.

This week we’re trying out a “case study” style topic in a one hour chat. The situation is this:

You are teaching a general English class of twenty university freshmen three times a week. The class is generally conversational and fluency focused, and students are showing good gains in those areas, but you want to try to improve the students’ accuracy too, especially in lexical areas that may cause problems with intelligibility. However, the students, while happy to talk, find focusing on accuracy extremely difficult. Even in controlled practice situations they sometimes seem not to even try to take on board new language. Where gains in accuracy are made, they are often lost again a matter of days or weeks later. The situation is further complicated by the size of the class and students speaking quietly making monitoring difficult.

Some questions:

  • Is this a problem with accuracy, or a problem with motivation to learn?
  • How could we solve either of these problems?
  • How can we help students to retain language for longer?
  • How can we monitor and feedback to a large(ish) class?

The chat takes place on Twitter from 8pm on Sunday 8th December. Just run a search for #keltchat, and add the same hashtag to your own tweets in order to contribute. If you need any help, please send me a tweet or ask on the Facebook group.

See you on Twitter!

Alex G (@breathyvowel)