#KELTChat Preview – Sunday 17th November, 8pm (Korea time, GMT+9)

Hi team,

After Slowburn the week before last, we’re returning to our regular one hour Sunday chat this time. Don’t worry though, Slowburn will be back again on the 27th November.

This week’s topic carries on from a Facebook discussion – qualifications in Korea. Some questions that we might tackle:

  • Do/should we need qualifications to teach ESL here? What kind of qualifications should be necessary for Korean ESL jobs (Hagwon, Public School (Elem, Mid, High), University, Teacher Training)?
  • What kind of qualification might be most useful for getting a job?
  • What kind of qualifications might be best for those wishing to develop professionally?
  • What qualifications can you do in Korea?
  • (How) Do qualifications improve you as a teacher?
  • What are your experiences with getting qualifications?
  • How much teaching experience should one have for the positions listed above?
  • What other sources of continuous professional development for teachers are out there? How do we access them?

The chat takes place on Twitter from 8pm on Sunday 17th November. Just run a search for #keltchat, and add the same hashtag to your own tweets in order to contribute. If you need any help, please send me a tweet or ask on the Facebook group.

See you on Twitter!

Alex G (@breathyvowel)