3 announcements and a preview

Hello, Keltchatters and friends!

As you might guess from title, this post will share three announcements and a brief preview for the upcoming chat.

Announcement 1
The next #KELTchat will be on Sunday, October 28, 2012.
The chat will start at 8:00 pm Korea Standard Time.
The topic will be: The Lexical Approach (more on this below in the preview).

Announcement 2
For this #KELTchat we will have a special guest moderator!
Known on Twitter as @lexicalleo (perfect fit for the chat, right?), Leo Selivan is a senior teacher trainer and materials developer with the British Council in Tel Aviv. He has been with the British Council for the last 9 years and has delivered teacher training in many countries in the Wider Europe region. His key interests are vocabulary development and using video in the classroom, the topics he often speaks on at teachers’ conferences such as IATEFL, TESOL France, IATEFL Poland and ETAI. Apart from writing for the TeachingEnglish website, he maintains his own blog Leoxicon. We are thrilled to have Leo participating and hope and believe it will be a great chat.

Announcement 3
Due to the likelihood (possibility?) of having some newer members to #KELTchat this time Alex Grevett (@breathyvowel) has kindly offered his time, expertise, and help starting at 7:30 pm. In this 30 minute pre-chat, Alex will help newer chatters get their sea legs under them. Please come with questions or just ready for some scaffolded practice.

(Note: most of this preview (the good part) was supplied by @annehendler)

The democratically selected topic for the chat is “The Lexical Approach.”

It has been said that “words are the building blocks of language”. Sometimes it is added that “grammar is the cement”.

It seems like (even more so in Korea?) that grammar and vocabulary are thought of as “wholly other” things and that there is not much room for combining them or thinking of them in a different way.

Some questions to think/chat about might include:

  • How much focus do you give to collocations in class? How much would you like to give? Why?
  • How much focus do you give to fixed expressions? How much would you like to give? Why?
  • What are some ways that teachers can effectively focus on fixed expressions/collocations?
  • How can we improve our learners’ fluency through lexical instruction?
  • How can we best “sell” these ideas to students and admin?
  • What are some potential drawbacks from following a lexical approach?

Want to learn more about the Lexical Approach before the chat?

This one minute video on the Lexical Approach (from @MrChrisJWilson) is a good start.

Some additional potential starting points for pre-reading:
(perhaps mostly roughly in order of accessibility/ease of reading/assumptions of prior knowledge)







Please feel free to add any additional links in the comments.
Questions are most certainly welcome as well.

As always, we would be happy if you would join us for this discussion and add your own questions or tips.  If you’re new to Twitter chatting and aren’t sure quite how it works, check out this handy guide. If you have no idea what #KELTChat is, have a look here or here. You can also contact us through Twitter (@breathyvowel, @JosetteLB, @michaelegriffin, @alexswalsh, @annehendler) or on our Facebook page.