Tech tools we should be using: #KELTchat Summary March 31, 2013

* This KELTchat summary is brought to you by Alex Walsh.

Alex Grevett kicked off the proceedings by asking people to consider how ‘techy’ they are, how ‘techy’ they want to be and why there is a difference. Some answers included:

Alex Grevett: Personally I sometimes feel that I don’t have much time for fiddling with tech.

Mike Griffin: yeah for me, the fiddling around and the faffing about are key reasons not to. I think there can b tendency for such gear 2 make things more T-centered at times (says the person who has never used 1)

Sophie Khan: and having to involve sts in faffing about signing up for stuff etc..

Barry Jameson: I don’t see a huge pay off. maybe I’m doing it wrong :/

Colm Smyth: I tend to stay tech free, for the most part. Tech just adds extra element of risk for something going bang wallop

The conversation then moved on to how tech is actually used. Suggestions included:

Anne Hendler: I definitely use tech for listening. I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t.

Mike Griffin: Tape….cd…. internets….mp3…youtube..podcast. Pretty techy sources of listening material, yeah

Alex Grevett: I use a lot of self-recorded stuff these days, both pre-rec and recorded live in class and repeated. My phone does this easily.

Yitzha Sarwono: I once used voicethread as a homework for my students.The only difficulty was the net connection at their home

Yitzha Sarwono: I once used intercom between floors as a tool for my students to practice telephone calling :D

Colm Smyth: if there’s some difficult to explain vocab, bring up a picture so students can see what you’re talking about

Alex Grevett: So Kakao Talk always features high on my list of tools to help students actually create something. Students can record a 1 minute monologue, listen back, improve and even grade / comment on each other’s work.

Finally, the conversation moved onto problems with suing tech in education:

Colm Smyth: Personally, I don’t want the students using smartphones in class as increases chance of them going broken arrow

Tom Randolph: Doceri – The Interactive Whiteboard for iPad. Played with it from ipad to TV and just wowza..

Tom Randolph: time limits, visibility, very specific tasks, clarify use (pics, dictionaries, twitter, ktalk, WP)…

Mike Griffin: 1 thought on smarphones in class.I think its something that needs training/practice(like most things).Of course Ss go crazy at 1st.


And that, ladies and gentleman, was all she wrote.