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#Keltchat preview for April 14, 2013

Come one come all, the #Keltchat express is once again preparing to get underway.

This coming Sunday at 8PM (April 14, 2013) we will gather in the ethernet to discuss taboo topics in the classroom.

Every age group, culture and classroom puts a different demand on the teacher. What’s taboo in your neck of the woods? This weeks #Keltchat will give participants a chance to discuss these hush hush topics and how we handle them in our classrooms. Tips, advice and 140 character anecdotes are all welcome. In preparation for the big day one may want to consider the following:

— What topics are taboo to you or in your culture?

— How would you handle the discussion of a taboo topic outside of the classroom?

— How would you feel if you were a student in a classroom where a taboo topic was brought up.

— Can we, as teachers, maintain a safe space in the classroom and still allow for discussion of things taboo? If so, how? If not, why not?

— Much of teaching is about making choices, how can teachers be more confident in theirs when a taboo topic arises.

— How can we as teachers help students enhance their cultural understanding and sensitivity.

We are looking forward to what is certain to be yet another intriguing and thought provoking discussion.

If you’re new to Twitter chatting and aren’t sure quite how it works, check out this handy guide or this one. If you have no idea what #KELTChat is, have a look here or here. You can also contact us through Twitter (@breathyvowel, @JosetteLB, @michaelegriffin, @alexswalsh, @annehendler, @johnpfordresher) or on our Facebook page.