The First #KELTchat Meet Up

On Saturday, March 31, members of KELTchat took advantage of the Seoul KOTESOL Chapter Conference in order to organize our very first (tw)(m)eet-up. Most of us had never met each other before, so we were quite excited. We unknowingly passed each other between presentations, adding to the anticipation.

By keeping tabs via our trusty Twitter smartphone lifeline, profile pictures soon turned into warm, welcoming faces. We all gathered in the conference lobby and made our way to lunch: a quaint pie store near the university.KELTchat & piesNow, pies aren’t easy to come by in Korea, so they definitely added to the excitement of our first live encounter. Gobbling up different varieties, we swapped blog/Twitter stories, and got to know each other better.

Whether it was the pies, or our genuine interest, we made stronger connections to the people on the other end of those tweets. It’s amazing to think that only a few weeks before, we were mostly strangers. Now we are like old friends waiting for our next slice.