#KELTchat Slowburn on Student Confidence and Anxiety (Tuesday, March 25th 10 am-10 pm)

It is time for another #KELTchat. The time for another #KELTchat Slowburn™ is upon us. If you are not familiar with the Slowburn™ concept, it is basically the same as an hour chat but it is spread out over 12 hours. Please feel free to dip in and out of the ongoing conversation as your schedule and interest allows. We are hoping it will be something of an event, but a slow and steady one throughout the day. You can see what is happening by checking out the #KELTchat hashtag throughout the day.

This time the topic was brought to us by the benevolent junta high atop #KELTchat towers. We hope and believe it will be an interesting, useful and and important topic for #KELTchat-ters to discuss.


This page on Learner Anxiety might be a good start for those interested in learning more about the topic. And, this (1986) piece seems to be an oft-cited and important one about foreign language anxiety. 

It is no secret that English can be a source of stress and anxiety for many students here in Korea. What do you think are the sources of this anxiety?

How have you seen this anxiety manifested in class?

How do you think most of your students would score on the FLCAS
(Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale)?

Speaking of tests, any thoughts on their impact on anxiety?

Are there ways to make assessments that cause less anxiety?

What are some teaching practices or techniques you think are more likely to cause anxiety? Are there alternatives to these?

Is it our job as English teachers to combat this anxiety? What are some strategies we can use to do so?


A related topic is the issue of student confidence. What are ways, we as teachers, can help promote student confidence?

Have you had any success stories in helping students improve their confidence?
What activities or advice can you suggest for other EFL teachers?

Of course, please feel free to bring along your own questions and thoughts and the above are just some possible starting points.

If you have any suggested links or readings related to this topic please feel free to share them in the comments (or on Facebook or on Twitter).

We are looking forward to chatting with you! 


Miss the chat? Check out the transcript here

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