#KELTchat Preview: Building Rapport (with students)

It is with great pleasure that we announce the next topic for KELTchat:
Building rapport with students 

This is a topic that has had a long and storied career in the voting process, and was in a virtual tie with BURNOUT last round.

Some questions to consider (and perhaps discuss in the chat include: 

  • What is rapport?
  • Is it important? If so, why is it important?
  • Any observations related to rapport in the Korean context?
  • What do you usually do to build rapport with students?
  • What rapport building strategies would you like to try?
  • Any rapport-related success stories to share? Any failures? 
  • What are some challenges to developing rapport you face or have faced?
  • Any rapport-related resources to share?
  • What rapport-related advice would you give to new teachers or younger versions of yourself?

Some possible pre-reading:  

  1. Scott Thornbush Thornbury with R is for Rapport. 
  2. Mario Rinvolucri’s Six ways of improving relationships on the excellent (but inactive) 6 Things blog and as recommended on Twitter by the excellent Carol Goodey
  3. A very short piece from our friends at Teaching English: in which they define rapport.
  4. An #ELTchat summary on “Building rapport and confidence with students in ELT classes.
  5. Chris Ożóg with some insights on rapport (and teachers and yoga) 

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