Preview on Bringing L2 Output into our Classrooms.

[This preview was written by John Pfordresher.]

Hello Keltchatters,

The next Keltchat will be Sunday November 11, 2012.
The chat will start at
8:00 PM Korea Standard Time (+9GMT).
The topic will be
Bringing L2 Output into our Classrooms.

The topic, elected by Keltchat members, to discuss this week will deal with how we as educators can bridge the gap between the classroom and the world beyond.

English has become a global language and is used by non-native speakers as a means for communication. Everyday around 75% of English communication in the world is conducted via non-native speakers.

This begs the question (especially here in Korea), are we preparing our students for this reality?

The Korean education system favors specific countries from which to recruit their native teachers. The textbooks and CD-roms it chooses are highly Americanized. Our British friends know all too well the difficulties students have, in the beginning, understanding them.  What if a student met someone from Ghana? Or Russia? How would that student respond? Would they have the communicative competence needed to successfully navigate such an encounter?

Through our discussion we will tackle these questions and really explore the “why” element of bringing varied forms of output into the classroom.

Things to consider before the chat:

  • How could bringing non-native output into our classroom benefit our students? (or possibly hinder?)
  • What effect would bringing L2 output into class have on our students?
    • Motivation?
    • Curiosity?
    • Awareness?

In addition, for the second half of our discussion we will devote time to discussing ideas on how exactly we can bring those varied forms of output into our classrooms.

Things to consider for before the chat might be:

  • Is it possible to do with the demands placed on teachers today? How?
  •  How do you find authentic material for your classroom?
  • What resources exist online that might help us achieve such a goal?

If you have time you might want to head over to and see what two of our Keltchatters have put together regarding the topic of our discussion.

Any further links or resources would be greatly appreciated, and can be added through the comments section below.

We hope to see you all there at 8:00 for a lively discussion.


John (@johnpfordresher)

2 thoughts on “Preview on Bringing L2 Output into our Classrooms.

    Onestopenglish has a series of authentic interviews with native and non-native speakers on a range of topics with worksheets and activities to go with these. I’ve used some of these and Ss have enjoyed them. You need to have an account to access these, I have one you can use so let me know if you want details. this website has lots of videos with N and NNSs including premier league footballers.

    • Thanks so much Gemma! Getting us ahead even before the chat starts. I’ve been quite happy with OneStop for reading and writing material but didn’t realize there were such interviews. Great!

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