#KELTChat 4, Sunday April 15, 8pm: Integrating Personal Teaching Beliefs at Work

Does the school you teach at want you to use a coursebook, but you’d rather follow your students’ learning needs? Does your university force you to grade on a curve, and you hate how heartbreaking this will be for Jin Soo who has been trying hard all year? Do you feel like your hagwon is asking you to be an entertainer instead of a teacher?

This Sunday’s KELTchat will focus on how teachers have been able to deal with institutional frameworks that seem to be in complete opposition to their personal teaching beliefs. Perhaps you’ve found creative ways around such issues. Maybe you’ve developed coping strategies such as joining peer support groups. We’d love to hear your success stories as we know they will be a great source of inspiration.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Josette (@JosetteLB)

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