#KELTChat Twitter Chat 1: The First Day of School (Sunday 4th March, 8pm)

Hi Everyone,

The inaugural #KELTChat will take place this Sunday, 4th March at 8pm (Seoul time, UTC+9) on Twitter. The topic, suggested by @michaelegriffin is the timely “The First Day of School”.

We are looking for; ice-breaker games, warm-ups, ways to introduce your learning philosophy to students, first day success stories, first day HORROR stories, tips for establishing discipline and classroom management, chat, banter, resources, blogging or anything else related to first days. If you have something to share, please do join us; if you don’t, just think how much you could learn.

The chat will last for 45 minutes, and will be moderated by Alex (@breathyvowel) and Michael (@michaelegriffin). If you have any questions at all, please get in touch using the comments section, email or Twitter.

See you there!



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